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What is Groove Toob?

Groove Toob is a fun new way to create your own niche communities that you can share with friends and family on your blog or website! We offer free hosted sharing communities OR simple to install software for your blog or website!

Groove Toob is FREE and easy to use! Simply download the free script and install it on your website or create a community on our free hosting!



Groove Toob Highlights

Simple and Fast Setup

All ages and skill levels

Set up a community for your favorite things! Baseball, Dancing With The Stars, James Bond, Songwriting, Animation, Greenday or Lady Gaga are all good subjects for your own personal video sharing communities! Actually - the sky is the limit because there are videos for almost every possible subject you couldn be interested!


Find out for yourself and start your own cimmunity today!


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If you own your own domain name and have web hosting, there is a 99.9% chance our script will work immediately on your website with very little fuss. Or, you can set up a free account and we will host your community right here on!


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